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Capabilities to meet all your printing and packaging needs.

Our extensive printing techniques, complex constructions, innovative materials, and wide variety of finishing and packaging systems will propel your brand to the next level.

Give us a packaging challenge and we will exceed your expectations with never before seen results.

  • Printing Techniques

    Printing Icon
    • Flexographic
    • Offset
    • Digital
    • Screen
    • Combination
    • Variable Imaging
    • Foiling
    • Embossing

    You demand consistency and high quality. We provide accurate reproduction of your printed pieces with fast turn-arounds. Regardless of whether you order hundreds of labels or millions, our equipment delivers the same high quality results, every time.

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  • Construction Technologies

    Constructions Icon
    • Inserts
    • Sleeving
    • Extended Text
    • Multi-layered
    • In-mold
    • Shrink
    • Folded Cartons
    • Booklets

    Unsure of your needs? Our packaging experts will work with you to research and develop the best solution to your problem, regardless the scope. Watch your project take shape. We have the capacity to produce simple labels and complex multi-web constructions.

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  • Materials & Coatings

    Materials and Coatings Icon
    • Ink Systems
    • Pressure Sensitive
    • Varnish
    • Laminates
    • Thermal
    • Foil
    • Unsupported Film
    • more...

    Decrease downtime and increase quality and consistency from the production line to the shelf. WS Packaging has dedicated technology experts that will find a solution for your specific application.

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  • Finishing & Packaging

    Finishing and Packaging Icon

    One source concept to completion.
    WS Packaging has everything you need to get your project done right, on budget, and on time.

    • Folding
    • Over Wrapping
    • Bandoleering
    • Collating
    • Fan folding
    • Bindery
    • Shrink Wrapping
    • Saddle Stitching
    • Kitting
    • Poly Bagging
    • TUCK-PACK™
    • KleenSeal™

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Certified Manufacturing Facilities

We believe good manufacturing practices (GMP) certification and compliance requirements are common sense practices that help WS Packaging move forward and continuously strive for excellence. We have consistently scored superior ratings and will continue to refine both compliance and performance standards.

  • Industry Trademarks

    WS Packaging is an industry leader in innovation and distinctive processes.

    • Web Window™
    • Web Revealer™
    • PromoPrism®
    • TUCK-PACK™
    • E-PACS™
    • KleenSeal™
    • MAGnifiSTIK™
    • WebFlex™
    • RubUps™
    • PromoWrap™
    • CoasterTalk™
    • PromoFlag™
    • Match-N-Reveal™
    • CoolerCling™
    • Off The Pump™
    • ShelfScents™
    • Scratch-N-Reveal™
    • DoubleHeader™
    • Rx EDGE®
    • Off The Shelf®
    • Clear/Dri™
    • Double/Dri™
    • Peel-n-Reveal™
    • Dri/Release™
    • Peel-N-Seel™
  • Awards and Recognitions

    Awards are an important part of our industry to benchmark the level of quality and excellence everyone tries to achieve. We rely on the recognition of awards as our own internal standard of excellence. A recent notable recognition is the 2009 Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award for Environmental Innovation. WS Packaging was one of three companies recognized for their environmental innovation.

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