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HOT Coupon Rated to 500 degrees F

To reward customer loyalty, a food products company wanted to do a special in-pack promotion for a line of its frozen meals. But the coupon had to be oven-proof. Why oven-proof? Because some people need to be protected from themselves. This is why R&D gets the fun assignments.

Packaging Is Key Ingredient for Consumer Product Goods

Products on crammed shelves scream for attention. Whether it's creating trial for a new product, encouraging a second look at a brand refresh, or flagging down a shopper to go off-list and pick your brand, packaging is a bridge built on understanding consumer expectations. The right package design executed the right way helps set a brand apart.

Shrink Labeling

Executing a decoration transfer today is a lot easier and less costly than ever due to advances in print technologies. Digital printing gives brand owners a host of marketing options that make it possible to trial a new product, extend a SKU offering, or try a completely new packaging approach.

Extended-Text Labeling

Brand owners must comply with labeling regulations for all their products, regardless of product size. This is especially critical when a product contains an active ingredient such as sunscreen. The fact compliance must be maintained across all packaging formats poses some challenges for brand owners when they want to use trial or sample sizes that are small. Extended-text labels create extra space to tell a deeper brand story, provide product usage information, and still enable brand owners to meet regulatory requirements.

Brand Building and Packaging

With 67 percent of private label buying decisions being made at the shelf, the role packaging plays in delivering shelf impact is vital to product success. So how does a new or established private brand steal attention?

NFC Brings Toys to Life

The power and promise of NFC is the ability to instantly create an interactive experience with consumers, regardless of the product. It's all about engaging consumers at the point of purchase, as well as at home. The digital world offers tremendous opportunities for building consumer and brand affinity.

Creating a True Brand

Innovative packaging is an effective tool that can give all brands a competitive edge. Products with outstanding shelf appeal have a greater chance to attract consumer attention and encourage purchase. But it goes farther than just the shelf. Brand owners have to consider what happens when the product goes home.

Durable and Compliance Labeling

What's behind a label matters for consumers. Whatever the product, it's about brand value, brand positioning, and brand identity. But when it comes to durable and compliance labels for products like chainsaws, water heaters, outdoor power equipment, lawn and garden products, power tools and related equipment, appliances, medical devices, among others, what's behind the label matters for a completely different set of reasons.

In- and On-Pack Coupons

Channel proliferation has complicated the landscape for coupons. Media distributed to home, distributed in-store, distributed digitally, online rebate, and retailer exclusive all vie for attention in the marketing mix. But when you need to move some product, there's no better or more efficient way than on- and in-pack coupons.