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NFC Brings Toys to Life

The power and promise of NFC is the ability to instantly create an interactive experience with consumers, regardless of the product. It's all about engaging consumers at the point of purchase, as well as at home. The digital world offers tremendous opportunities for building consumer and brand affinity.

In- and On-Pack Coupons

Channel proliferation has complicated the landscape for coupons. Media distributed to home, distributed in-store, distributed digitally, online rebate, and retailer exclusive all vie for attention in the marketing mix. But when you need to move some product, there's no better or more efficient way than on- and in-pack coupons.

HOT Coupon Rated to 500 degrees F

To reward customer loyalty, a food products company wanted to do a special in-pack promotion for a line of its frozen meals. But the coupon had to be oven-proof. Why oven-proof? Because some people need to be protected from themselves. This is why R&D gets the fun assignments.