Beauty Brands

Beauty brands have special packaging challenges

Beauty brands face intense competition at the shelf. It’s also a category that experiences an ongoing wave of product development trends.

But product aside, what about the packaging? What are the trends helping beauty brands win with consumers?

We’re seeing a lot of customers asking for environmentally friendly labels. There are a lot of new adhesives out there that are kinder to the environment and packaging engineers are taking note. In terms of materials, the same type of facestocks—films, papers, etc., are being used, but again, customers are looking to use environmentally friendly adhesives.

As far as print technology goes, it’s being driven by a growing emphasis on label design, especially eye-catching designs that will "pop" off the shelf. Flexo and digital printing are key methods, but when it comes to digital labels, they’re gaining more popularity with brands looking to run multiple versions and smaller quantities. The short-run capabilities of digital make it the ideal print method for SKU proliferation strategies, new product launches, and test marketing.

With the growing popularity of beauty retailers such as Sephora and Ulta, beauty label customers really have to make an impression on consumers. You only have a matter of seconds to win over the consumer’s purchasing decision at the shelf. With all the signs, graphics, colors, etc., consumers are inundated with a full range of competing visual cues at the shelf. It’s all about combining the best design with the most appropriate print technology to get your product noticed.

John Giesfeldt, Senior Manager-Marketing