Effective Packaging

Effective packaging starts with having everyone at the table

Labeling represents one of the strongest ways to connect food brands with consumers on multiple levels, bring the product positioning to life, and create shelf impact. A product label is the face of the brand. It needs to position the product and communicate the brand story.

From pressure-sensitive to glue-applied, shrink to in-mold, having the right label enables you to bring your brand story front-and-center to consumers. And with about 70 percent of purchase decisions being made at the shelf, your label has just seconds to be noticed.

Establishing, maintaining, and growing your SKU strength for food products depends on packaging and decoration solutions that complete your overall brand strategy.

Packaging development for food products needs to command increased visibility with shelf impact that confirms product goodness and quality. But competing in today’s retail environment has never been tougher. For national brands and private label, row upon row of faced product creates a visual wall that is increasingly challenging for to break through. If the shelf impact of your packaging misses being noticed, you miss a sales opportunity. But when you win at the shelf, you increase your share gain.

Though it holds just a small percentage of the total packaging cost, decoration is the last chance to communicate the brand to the consumer. This is why packaging success hinges on effective execution. Design a label before the container is finalized and you ensure the prospect of a redesign. With a complex supply chain, it’s important to leave a seat at the table for everyone early in the process for major projects. When the brand owner, packaging designer, container supplier, label/package printer, and manufacturer/co-packer are all involved early, you ensure the overall success of winning at the moment of truth.

John Giesfeldt, Senior Manager-Marketing