NFC Engages Consumers

NFC engages consumers from different strategy platforms

Near field communication is an emerging technology that’s available in most cell phones and smart phones today. Sometimes referred to as tap technology, all you have to do to use it is simply tap your phone near a tag or label that has an NFC chip and antenna, both of which you can’t see. So, that’s why this icon is fast becoming the major identifying engagement graphic.

Having an active/interactive experience with consumers really depends on what a brand wants to accomplish. Here are three of the most common and easy for brands to deploy:

The first is a simple tap to receive an instant-redeemable coupon. All the shopper has to do is tap their phone to the on-pack tag and a coupon instantly appears on the screen. With that in hand, the consumer finishes his or her shopping trip and then presents the electronic coupon at checkout.

The NFC feature of the phone energizes the chip on the NFC tag, which is typically positioned under the prime label. So, there is no special app on the phone, which makes the whole process pretty easy. How simple is that!

The second example is a similar instant-redeemable coupon, but now the consumer is prompted for an email address where they can join a loyalty program.

The third example is one for promoting trial of a new product introduction, line extension, or product enhancement. In this case, the tag is programmed with related brand and product information, which is accompanied by an onscreen prompt to tap for an instant coupon.

So, near field communication is a fantastic way for brand owners to interact with consumers by adding a digital component on-pack and create stronger consumer affinity.

Michael Manley, Senior Business Development Manager--RFID & NFC