Household Products Packaging

Competition is strong between high-end and store brands of household products, but the right label can level the playing field

Like any CPG product category, household products are no less competitive. However, competition between store brands and national brands has increased in large measure due to the state of the economy. While economic necessity has helped create an environment for trial, the product, nonetheless must deliver on the brand promise.

But when it comes to shelf impact, store brands have had to adopt the same strategies as the national brands. They invest in package design and labeling efforts that are all aimed at capturing consumers’ attention at the shelf, at the moment of truth, and to maintain consistency in many facets of branding across their store brand product categories.

Of course, having the right game plan means being prepared for “what if” scenarios. For household products, making sure the product labeling stays intact and pristine is vital for the brand presentation. But that can be a challenge in this market, specifically with regard to the ability of the label to withstand hazardous ingredients. That’s why is important to have the right label stock and adhesive.

The ability to withstand direct contact with the chemicals contained in the product is a critical issue when selecting the most appropriate printing method, the correct substrate, and adhesive. If the product interacts with the adhesive in a way that causes the label to fall off, that can leave a very negative impression in the eyes of the consumer.

The same holds true if the label graphics are scuffed or marred in any way by the product anywhere in the supply chain or when the product is taken home by the consumer. It’s not unusual for package contents to leak in transit or due to rough handling. This is why it’s important to know how the product will interact with the inks, coatings, adhesive, and label material. A consumer will not select a product if the label is marred in anyway. Image is everything when it comes to product packaging. Anything that detracts from it creates a negative perception.

Consumers need and want a wide range of household products that add convenience to their lives. Having the right packaging helps brand owners, national and store brands, competitively tell their story at the shelf by capturing consumers’ attention with packaging that keeps them in the game.

John Giesfeldt, Senior Manager-Marketing