In- and On-Pack Coupons

What couponing method will drive the best results?

The answer to that question used to be a lot simpler. Today, however, channel proliferation has complicated the landscape. Media distributed to home, distributed in-store, distributed digitally, online rebate, and retailer exclusive are all channels vying for attention in the marketing mix.

When you have to move some product, there’s no better or more efficient way to execute a promotional drive at the retail level than on or in the product packaging. And when it comes to influencing shopper behavior, instant-redeemable and on-pack methods lead the way by a significant margin. In fact, according to the coupon redemption firm, Inmar, IRCs have an index four times the value of Internet print-at-home or electronic shelf coupons.

IRCs make it simple to offer coupons, recipes, and other promotions or to cross-sell various products. This type of delivery method puts brands front-and-center when and where it matters most—at the shelf, at the point of sale. And with so many shoppers making up their mind in the store, IRCs can be a compelling way to influence shopper behavior to stimulate trial for a new product and maintain continuity of purchase.

Along with coupons, both national and store brands can leverage special premiums and multi-layer prime labels in ways to further build loyalty with special incentives that attract customers at the point of purchase, generate repeat purchase, encourage brand switching and new users, offer immediate advertising value, incentivize trade up, and push cross-branding.

It’s a promotional fact--shoppers use coupons. And according to Inmar, 60 percent use coupons in more than half of their shopping trips. This grows to 86 percent for those who use coupons in half or more of their shopping trips.

Beyond brand and price, coupons carry the most weight in the consumer's purchasing decision, which includes millennials. To help consumers decide in store what they want, instant-redeemable and on-pack coupons deliver.

Dave Cook, Product Manager, Promotions/WSPromotion