NFC Brings Toys to Life

NFC Enables "Toys to Life" To Skyrocket

“Toy’s to Life” is a category of collectible figures, from Tinker Bell to Mario to Buzz Lightyear to The Hulk, that have a special NFC sticker on the bottom. Gamers place the static figure on an NFC-enabled phone or NFC tray (sold by the Disney, Nintendo, etc.) that then quickly adds the physical character to a digital game.

Instantly, all the points the character accrues or special weapons they earn go with the character when a child takes the figure to a friend’s house. And depending how the NFC tag is programmed, there’s no additional profile setup needed.

How cool is that? Going from just standing on the table or desk to instant action figure brings the collectible item and the consumer to an entirely new level of engagement.

That’s the power and promise of NFC—the ability to instantly create an interactive experience with consumers. Food, beverage, health care, beauty, household, and wine & spirits are product categories where engaging consumers at the retail shelf and at home offer tremendous opportunities for building consumer and brand affinity.

The push is on to combine the physical and digital world, and NFC is one heck of a unique way to bring life to a brand. 

Michael Manley, Senior Business Development Manager, RFID & NFC