Shrink Labeling

Executing a decoration transfer today is a lot easier and far less costly than ever due to advances in print technologies. Digital printing gives brand owners a host of marketing options that make it possible to trial a new product, extend a SKU offering, or try a completely new packaging approach.

If a brand is looking to go big, changing the entire package can be executed today for literally a fraction of what it typically would cost to try something new. It used to be all about scale. “We need to run enough to get the unit cost down. Otherwise we have to stick with what we have.”

With today’s advances in digital printing, it’s feasible to try a completely new packaging approach. Case in point, pressure-sensitive and glue-applied labels require a relatively flat plain as a labeling surface. They can go literally all the way around a bottle, but typically there are two parts, the prime or front label and a back label. While the plain runs the full circumference of the container, be it glass, plastic, or metal, it’s still flat. Labeling over the shoulder and up the neck of a highly contoured container is not an option with a single PS label.

But, brand managers want options. They need solutions that enable them to change their game plan cost-effectively. It’s all about creating shelf impact and giving consumers a prompt that makes it possible to see a brand for the first time again.

Shrink sleeves give brands the chance to be seen in a completely different light with a new shape that now sports the maximum visual impact of 360-degree graphics. The cost-effectiveness of digital printing opens up opportunities to trial a new package design that might be targeted to a category subset; execute a seasonal promotion tied to a product attribute; push a co-branding initiative; create a new go-to-market strategy with multi-packs; or just to shake up the competition by switching to a completely new container shape.

Shelf impact helps increase consumer attention and fuel brand success. Digitally printed shrink labels can help brands stand out and win at the moment of truth.

Zack Meister, Product Manager--Shrink/Unsupported Film