"Best of Show" Label Shines with Shelf Impact

Brands will forever have the ongoing need to be both seen and heard from the shelf. Printing and decorating techniques are the calling card. They work in concert with the packaging structure and shape to gain consumer attention.

Bringing Brands to Life is what we do here at WS Packaging Group. We've done it now for 45+ years. Our printing and technical excellence is why we received the coveted "Best of Show" honors by the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI) for the 2015 TLMI Annual Awards Competition-38th Edition.

We give life to the packaging designer's vision, making it possible for the package to jump off the shelf.

We received the "Best of Show" award for a label we produced for Meguiar's® Paint Protect car finish product. The winning label combined digital, flat screen, and flexo spot varnish to create a dimensional graphics presentation with visual depth and tactile effects.

Brand owners want ways to add visual and tactile depth to their packaging. It's all about being able to do something to a label or container that will help set a brand apart. The goal is to create graphical intrigue which can enhance brand value. The Meguiar's® Paint Protect label does just that.

John Giesfeldt, Senior Manager, Marketing