Bird Dog Bourbon


What you put on your bottle needs to represent what is in the bottle!

The labels for this series of Bird Dog aged bourbons by Three Springs Bottling Company challenged us at WS Packaging Group on many levels. Our attention to multiple print aspects and final label appearance needed to meet the same high standards as the crafted product in the bottle. The amount of foil the label could hold, the extraordinary detail in the imagery, and an impressive finish, representing the bourbon’s superior class, were delivered on all levels!

Three Springs Bottling provided the label artwork and WS Packaging assembled a team of internal experts in prepress, label materials and foils, coatings, and flexo printing. We determined our materials and then worked out the optimum foil stamping setup, separating the spot colors and process images for maximum impact. Once the planning and prepress work was completed, representatives from Three Springs Bottling were onsite for a press check and final approval, ensuring each label met their expectations.

It was very rewarding for WS Packaging Group to have a significant part in this Kentucky bourbon series. Our production experience resulted in a label worthy of the quality and skillful craftsmanship of the Bird Dog product.

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Julie Alfrey
WS Packaging Group, Inc., Senior Account Executive