Digital, Flexo Hybrid: the Single Pass Solution!


Hybrid printing now effectively merges digital benefits with flexographic advantages and finishing.  Overcoming challenges and performance issues of the past in changeover time and print speeds, today's quick changeover flexo components and high-speed digital engines synchronize to provide print capabilities that "push the envelope" in both speed and quality.

Our customers have seen significant advantages in print when a project requires a solution that provides a cost-effective digital press run with flexo embellishments.

We offer the following print aspects in a single pass with digital hybrid technology:
o Traditional flexo embellishments
o Texture and tactile effects
o Foils and embossing
o True Pantone colors
o Digital CMYK inks for process print
o Variable text and images
o Opaque digital white
o Inline die cutting
o Conventional flexo press speeds

Having all of the features of both flexo and digital in one press allows us to perfectly tailor the press run to take advantages of both technologies, creating cost savings, increased quality, and broader versatility.  Hybrid digital printing also includes variable imaging to make every label unique while maintaining durability through flexo coatings and finishes, repeatability of color within 0.75 Delta E, utilization of current tooling, and on the most familiar materials.

At WS Packaging Group, we take every opportunity to ensure your label is produced on the right equipment to ensure quality, price, and on-time delivery.  Please visit us at

Ryan Reding
WS Packaging Group, General Manager - Dallas, TX