On-Pack Promotions: the On-The-Shelf Advantage!


WS Packaging has been a leader in printing on-pack promotions for over fifty years. We have realized some great innovations, yielding several patented game and coupon constructions. From instant redeemable coupons to multi-tab game pieces and sweepstakes to on-pack fast food promotions, we have it covered.

With dedicated facilities that specialize in developing and printing your promotional items, we have the production assets, certified secure facilities, and a project management interface to make your “dream” promotion a reality.

Our games and promotions administrators have the history and expertise to bring your promotion to life and draw the consumer’s attention to the shelf, at the checkout, or in the drive-through.

At WS Packaging Group, we take every opportunity to ensure your promotion is produced on the right equipment at the right facility to ensure security, quality, value, and on-time delivery. Please visit us at wspackaging.com/products/promotions

Greg Braun, Director of Games
WS Packaging Group, Inc., Neenah, Wisconsin