Relieving the pressure: Five reasons to choose pressure sensitive labels

So many labels. So many questions. Which one will best enhance your brand? Which one will entice your customers to choose your product over all the others?

While the myriad labeling and packaging options available today make it easy to differentiate your brand and outshine the competition, the process can sometimes be confusing and raise a lot of questions.

Finding the right packaging, printing, and labeling partner makes all the difference in helping you navigate the process.

Today’s lesson… pressure sensitive labels 

For more than 50 years, WS Packaging Group has printed pressure sensitive labels to create eye-catching shelf appeal for our customer’s brands. And along the way, we’ve addressed many questions, including:

  • What type of adhesive should be used?
  • What about the label material?
  • How can I ensure labels will stick to our products in any kind of environment or condition?

As your partner, we’re invested in making sure your product packaging look amazing in all the environments it might face, down to helping you choose the right label and materials for your design.

Taking the pressure out of pressure sensitive

So what has WS Packaging done as one of the largest pressure sensitive label printers in the United States? We consider all scenarios, materials, and printing techniques to find the best solution for you and your product. We take the pressure out of buying pressure sensitive labels with these five easy steps.

  1. Color Management – By using digital color standards we aim to print to numbers rather than subjectively printing to a match. PMS books and color matches will fade over time and will lead to color drift across many runs.
  2. Innovations – Our customers have been asking us for years for hybrid printing options across both digital and flexographic printing to relieve some of the pain surrounding flexography (movement of plates, cost of plates, four-color process images, etc.) and digital (clarity of color, hitting the entire color spectrum, metallic and foils) print methods. We listened, and as an industry leader in flexographic and hybrid pressure sensitive labels, we have the printing equipment, processes, and procedure to address these demands.
  3. Access to information – Our internal WebFlex™ software allows our customers to track orders, upload and approve artwork, manage invoices and order acknowledgements, find previous art versions for any SKU, and confirm if the artwork is ready to print or not. 
  4. Nationwide facilities with common platforms – Supply chain sustainability isn’t often thought about when it comes to pressure sensitive labels until it becomes an issue. Computer viruses, weather issues, and power outages can shut down local printing companies with a single blow. Our company wide computer system and common platforms and equipment allow WS Packaging to transfer work quickly to keep your production facility running smoothly.
  5. Process neutrality – Pressure sensitive labels are great for so many applications, but not all the time. There’s a common expression “if you’re a hammer, everything is a nail.” At WS Packaging, we practice print and process neutrality. Meaning, if you have a look and a container, we can use digital, offset, flexographic, or hybrid label printing and finishing. If we can’t put a label on it, we can print a shrink sleeve. Need more room for text? We can use a carton or a MultiVision extended text label. 

At WS Packaging we take every measure we can to ensure that we help take the pressure out of your pressure sensitive label experience. I was a label and packaging buyer before coming to WS Packaging and understand the process, and sometimes pain, of buying and designing labels. We would love to help remove those pain points for you. To obtain more information on a custom label solution for your product, please call us at 1-877-977-5177 or contact us via our online form.

Adam Peek, WS Packaging Group pressure sensitive label specialist