Wax Ribbons


The wax ribbon debate continues as the industry battles the influx of cheap, black wax ribbons from outside the U.S.

What does WS Packaging Group offer to compete with these “invaders”?

We offer a choice of either a “premium” black wax or a “standard” black wax ribbon to compete with various price levels while maintaining the best quality and service for your specific use.

    - Premium wax ribbons are resin enhanced and offer a robust printing solution, which ensures extra durability, along with a wide variety of complementary receivers.

    - Standard wax ribbons provide basic printability without the high expectations often associated with resin enhanced premium ribbons.

The standard wax offers a basic ribbon solution for those price sensitive opportunities, while providing dark, black imprints for most common printing and labeling applications.

Come check out our ribbon solutions that meet most printing applications. We offer free samples of all our ribbon formulations to assure you or your customer the utmost confidence in printing results.


Brian Giese
WS Packaging Group, Inc., Thermal Products Manager – Heath, OH