Winning as a Team; Is There Anything Sweeter?

Royal Nonesuch

Teamwork, partnership, and collaboration are all terms we often hear in the business world. Winning first place in the 2018 TLMI Label Awards for Rey Wines’ Royal Nonesuch Farm 2015 York Mountain Wine label in the Offset - Wine & Spirits - Color Process - Non-Prime Label category is a real example of working together.

Nicole Joy is the designer; Anthony Yount is the winemaker and owner; WS Packaging Group is the printer. When we started this project with a kick-off meeting in San Luis Obispo, California with a team of several WS Packaging employees, Anthony and Nicole joined the collaboration around the conference table. The communication continued throughout the project, including direct discussion with WS Packaging’s embossing die manufacturer, which all led to a successful press check and the production of the award-winning labels!

When I heard Rey Wines had won first place, I went to see Nicole and Anthony. The three of us were ecstatic! Now it is only fitting that we share in the success together, just as we shared in the entire three-month development project.

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Amiel Hattar
WS Packaging Group, Inc., Senior Account Executive