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Durable and Compliance Labeling

What's behind a label matters for consumers. Whatever the product, it's about brand value, brand positioning, and brand identity. But when it comes to durable and compliance labels for products like chainsaws, water heaters, outdoor power equipment, lawn and garden products, power tools and related equipment, appliances, medical devices, among others, what's behind the label matters for a completely different set of reasons.

In- and On-Pack Coupons

Channel proliferation has complicated the landscape for coupons. Media distributed to home, distributed in-store, distributed digitally, online rebate, and retailer exclusive all vie for attention in the marketing mix. But when you need to move some product, there's no better or more efficient way than on- and in-pack coupons.

Brand Makeover Part 1

A brand makeover is never a light undertaking, but that doesn't mean it has to be fraught with peril. Asking the right questions, understanding the process, and knowing what you have to do will help get you where you need to be. In the end, the role of packaging is to help consumers along the path to purchase by communicating the brand positioning with visual cues that are personal, emotional, and tactile.

Household Products Packaging

Like any CPG product category, household products are no less competitive. When it comes to shelf impact, store brands have to adopt the same strategies as the national brands. They invest in package design and labeling efforts that are all aimed at capturing consumers' attention at the shelf, at the moment of truth. For household products, you have to make sure the product labeling stays intact and pristine.


Today's grab-and-go c-store shoppers are time-starved and looking for the convenience of a wider selection of food options. Regardless of their size, c-stores can grow their foodservice categories with packaging that effectively brands the store and product offerings, coveys quality, helps keep food fresh, and effectively displays food items.

Digital Printing

There are basically eight print technologies available to bring a designer's vision to life and deliver the shelf impact that drives sales. Not that one is better than the other, because each has a range of capabilities that can meet specific needs for visual impact and product presentation.

Wine Labeling

It's easy to see, walking down the aisle in the liquor department at the grocery store or as a dedicated liquor store clearly points out, how wine and spirits are among the most competitive categories in consumer markets. Every inch of shelf space is used. There is literally a wall of brands standing shoulder-to-shoulder and faced to the edge all vying for attention.

Packaging Decoration

With about 70 percent of purchase decisions being made at the shelf, packaging that gets noticed is how successful brands engage consumers. But when you look at the cost to package a product, decoration represents only a fraction of the total cost. That's why packaging is such a wise investment.