Wafer seals and tabs

Make a strong statement with your customers while reducing your postal expenses with our wafer seals & tabs. Applicable to a variety of surfaces, our wafer seals pass stringent strength and release requirements set by the USPS. Our wafer seals stick firmly yet are easily opened by the recipient.

We recommend a maximum shelf life of one year for wafer seals & tabs due to the possibility of adhesive ooze during long-term storage. Shelf life is based on optimal storage conditions of 72°F, 50% relative humidity, and the absence of UV light.

To order wafer seals/tabs, download our product PDF, determine your product number and quantity*, and call 1-920-487-6372 to place an order**.

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*Minimum order quantity is one case. All wafer seals/tabs are sold in full cases only.
**Purchase orders can be emailed to stockproducts@wspackaging.com.


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