Lightning50 Landing850Flexibility is a key feature of the entire Lightning line.

Straightforward operation. Minimal downtime.

The Lightning 50 Label Applicator offers the flexibility of rotary and straight roll-on, tamp, tamp/blow, front/back, wrap, and end-of-line applications. Designed for line portability and overall integration, the unit easily changes from right-hand to left-hand label application to match the production run. The standard web width is 6 inches, with an optional wide-web set up to 9 inches.

Bottle labeling system

The Lightning 50 is the most reliable label applicator in the dairy industry. Dairies, along with similar operating environments in the broader drink sector such as bottled-water facilities, have non-stop production lines. To meet ongoing consumer demand, these industries require dependability and long-life from their equipment. The Lightning™ 50 labeler is a robust system that can include a back belt, orientation screw, and rails for precise control of bottles through the labeler. Download our dairy industry brochure PDF.

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Key features and benefits

  • Available options include flow gates, remote HMI, bilingual displays, clear-label application, and missing-label detection
  • 1,200 inches per minute application rate to match most dairy line speeds, or approximately 100 gallon or 150 1⁄2-gallon jugs labeled per minute
  • Remote (standard) or cantilevered (optional) back belt and pre-drilled base plates allow for left-hand or right-hand application, all of which provides easy relocation within the production line
  • 16-inch outside diameter unwind reduces roll changes, which maximizes production uptime
  • The stand allows for adjustable height of the labeling head
  • Simple design promotes easy operation and quick access to all maintenance parts, which maximizes productivity
  • Emergency stop controls enhance operator safety
  • Control components are commercially available, which helps reduce downtime

Frequently asked questions about the Lightning 50

Is the unit difficult to install? 
No. Roll the Lightning™ 50 up to your conveyor, adjust the height, plug it in and prepare to label for years to come.

Can the unit be washed down?
While it is designed to take incidental spray and very high humidity, the Lightning 50 is not recommended for direct wash down.

What are the environmental limitations?
Down to 33 F and up to 98 percent RH.

Can the Lightning™ 50 be upgraded to a print-and-apply labeler?

Can the design be customized?
Yes. Many options are available, but the standard unit is designed to handle most applications.

What is the average lead time?
Our standard modular unit can normally be shipped within two to four weeks. Your WS Packaging sales representative can provide lead time information if you require options or customization.

What types of label constructions can be applied?
The Lightning™ 50 is engineered to handle a broad range of label and adhesive combinations, coupons, MultiVision® extended text labels, and secondary labels.


  • Dimensions: height: 61 inches; length: 46 inches; width 39 inches
  • Standard Label Dimensions: 6-inch web width standard; 9-inch width is available
  • Standard Label Application: roll-on
  • Dispensing Speed up to 1,200 inches of web per minute standard; 1,600 inches of web per minute optional
  • Label Dispense Accuracy: application accuracy +/- 1/16 inch
  • Electrical: 120V AC; 60 Hz; 20 amps
  • Allen-Bradley MicroLogix™ 1200 programmable controllers
  • Eaton touchscreen displays
  • Standard NEMA Rating: 12
  • Emergency Stop Control, as required


  • Tamp and tamp/blow label application
  • Wider web width: 9 inches
  • Loose-loop print and apply, with print engines by *Zebra®, Datamax® or Sato®
  • Stainless steel control cabinet
  • Bilingual display
  • Clear label sensor
  • Hot-stamp
  • Thermal-transfer over-printer
  • Inkjet
  • Flow gate and eye
  • Missing label detection/barcode reader
  • Product spin stations

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