Special effects & finishing

Our packaging experts collaborate with your team to evaluate your project from every angle. You can rely on WS Packaging to engineer and execute folding carton and paperboard packaging designs that increase purchase appeal and enhance brand graphics, as well as set up easily and fill quickly to streamline your overall production process.

We specialize in getting your products noticed

Folding cartons come in various shapes and sizes. We can design and engineer a solution customized to your specific needs and the markets you serve, like food, beverage, health, personal care, and consumer goods, as well as specialty applications for nutraceutical, cosmetic, and promotional products.


Special effects

WS Packaging offers a wide range of “special effects” you can integrate into your folding carton to build shelf appeal, including:

  • Registered hot stamping
  • Tactile and specialty varnishes
  • Customized prismatic UV varnishes
  • Foil boards of various colors and design patterns
  • Specialty inks
  • Embossing and debossing
  • Die cutting and forming
  • Window capabilities, including unique shapes and designs to showcase your product


We have the ability and experience to support cost-effective and creative design concepts for various product applications across a wide array of market applications:

  • Single-serve fast food, convenience store applications, and deli cartons
  • Frozen food and retail packaging
  • Multi-use designs that use the carton both for distribution
  • protection and retail promotion
  • Cartons that serve as an effective point-of-purchase display

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